HUM@Nmedia has a range of creative and exciting ways to help your brand reach an affluent, well educated audience through print and digital opportunities. We work closely with brands and agencies to develop integrated campaigns or pure print or digital depending on what works best for you. We’re highly collaborative and innovative.

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Brand Safety & Consumer Privacy

At HUM@Nmedia we’re concerned for the privacy of our subscribers and audience as well as our clients. In this light, we do not participate in programmatic advertising, we do not place pixels on our site and we do not use cookies. We do not track our audience beyond our digital properties. Yes, we do use analytics and we do record general audience activity, content preferences and general data. We use data to inform our journalism and editorial calendars. We are very much data driven, but we also respect our readers and they seem to like that. When you as an advertiser partner with us, we provide you with analytics reports for digital campaigns, but we do not provide detailed data on site visitors and we do not sell lists to third parties. Hey, it’s part of our shtick and that’s part of the reason we have a loyalty audience.