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Marketing and Partnerships

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  • Giles Crouch

Why do Hollywood executives sell movies using trailers and other promotions to consumers before entering movie theatres?

Because it is CRUCIAL for business.

Sure, some consumers decide to show up at the movie theatre and choose what movie to see upon arriving. Still, most moviegoers are savvy and know what movie they will watch before entering the theatre.

Why? Because they have been sold on a particular movie using prepromotion outside theatres. This same marketing tenet still holds for other sectors.

Several natural health product and CPG clients have expressed disappointment in their retail promotions and store-level education. Those dollars are being lost. There is so much staff turnover in many health food and other retail stores that investing in staff education and retail promos has become even more of a losing proposition.

The best way to build awareness, education, and sales is to pre-promote your products to consumers. You have the advantage of the pull strategy instead of the push. Letting consumers know about your products before entering the stores has never been more critical in this fragmented media world.

For instance – if you have a new product coming out in September, the worst mistake you can make is to try to start promoting it in September. It’s too late. You need to build marketing momentum before the product is launched.

Consumers need to be aware of your products well before your launch. Get them aware of your brand. Move them into your funnel.
Your goal should be to have customers come into stores explicitly asking for your product by name rather than fall prey to whatever happens when they arrive. Where is the power? Take back your power and marketing budget!

Nothing impresses retail executives more than when customers ask for your product by name.

Retailers are demanding valuable marketing dollars; it’s up to you to be like Hollywood and tell consumers about your product before entering the stores.

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Author: Giles Crouch