Media Platforms-Publications

Currently, HUM@Nmedia has four digital publications and associated digital properties. Into 2023, we will be expanding our offerings and partnering with Canadian brands in the health and wellness sector with some very interesting initiatives!

Optimyz eMagazine | Women’s Wellness

OptiMYz Magazine

Optimyz reaches over 1 million women every year. Although Canadian focused we reach a large U.S. and UK audience digitally. The magazine was in print for over 14 years before going entirely digital in late 2021. Optimyz is also available in digital magazine format through Issuu.

Silver Magazine | The art of living well

Silver Magazine

Silver eMagazine is aimed at reaching the affluent 45+ demographic who have stable income and want to live forever. This is not a magazine for retired people. This is a magazine for people over 45 who have a huge zest for life. They’re healthy, wealthy and active. A purely digital publication from 2022, Silver is building an active community across North America and partnering with leading brands to help people live an active life..


Healthful Gourmet | Healthy Vegan Recipes

Healthful Gourmet, launched in October of 2021 is a growing resource for easy to read vegan recipes. For advertisers and vegan food brands, this is a great way to reach both a dedicated vegan audience and those exploring plant-based diets. We promote these recipes and the site through Silver and Optimyz social media reaching an audience over 1.5 million.

Homeworkin | Home Workout Routines

With many people working at home more often or entirely, the Homeworkin website offers all kinds of excellent workout routines that can be done at home. For brands, selling gear, equipment, clothing and related products this is a great way to reach a dedicated fitness audience.

Advertising & Promotional Inquiries: sales@humanmedia.ca

Custom Print and eBook Publications

HUM@Nmedia provides the creation and development of custom magazines in print and digital as well as sponsored eBooks. All are distributed to our thousands of print subscribers and via our websites, archives, Issuu and newsletter subscribers. Package prices vary depending on size of publication, distribution programs and more.