Advertiser terms and conditions for HUM@Nmedia

Specifications and Terms

Digital Asset Notes:

Once we receive your digital assets, they will be put in our production schedule for placement. Please provide the assets at least 7 days prior to the end of the month before they are scheduled to run. We do not offer or drop pixels for ads, sponsored posts, or newsletter ads.

Display Advertising Sizes:
• LEADERBOARD: 728px W x 90px H
• BIG BOX: 300px W x 250 px H
• MONSTERBOARD: 1260px W x126px H

Accepted Formats & Notes:

• Accepted formats: GIF, PNG, JPG
• If using GIF format, they should be a maximum of 5 seconds • Include the hyperlink for the ad when providing the assets
• Ads must be under 1MB in size

Sponsored Articles/Posts:

• 250-600 words
• Include the hyperlink for the ad when providing the assets
• Post title MUST be less than 60 characters
• Please provide snippet content for SEO (or we will create this if not provided)

E-Newsletter Advertisements:

• 553 px W x 200 px H
• Include the hyperlink for the ad when providing the assets • Images must be under 2MB in size
• Accepted formats: PNG, JPG

Contract Terms and Conditions

1. The publisher, in their sole discretion reserves the right to reject any and all advertising that is deemed unsuitable.


2. Advertiser assumes full liability for all advertising published within print, web, video, events, and all other media delivered upon.
3. Publisher assumes no liability for any omissions if, for any reason, it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

4. Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the advertising.
5. Contracts are subject to the condition that the Publisher shall assume no liability for failure to execute advertising orders because of acts of God, governmental restrictions, fires, strikes, accidents, terrorism, or any other occurrences beyond the Publisher’s control (whether like or unlike any of those enumerated herein) which prevent the Publisher from partially or completely, publishing, or distributing the contracted advertising.
6. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and conditions on the cover page or any other document, these terms and conditions shall govern.
7. Any verbal instructions regarding contracts or orders must be confirmed in writing or by email.
9. Publisher reserves the right to repeat ad material for any space contracted for with no copy instructions.
10. Position of ads is at the discretion of the Publisher unless documented and approved by the Publisher prior to space deadline dates.
11. Publisher shall have the right to hold advertiser and/or advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the Publisher for advertising which the advertiser or its advertising agency ordered which was published and/or delivered upon.
12. Duplication or use of the HUM@Nmedia, OptiMYz, Silver, Homeworkin, Healthfulgourmet or Cannadablend names, editorial content, photographs, images, files, logos, identity, or any other content is strictly prohibited except with the prior provided consent of the Publisher whose consent may be withheld.

Commissions and Billing Policies:

1. Advertising agency commissions to recognized agencies: 15%.
2. Finance charge of 2% per month for invoices outstanding beyond 30 days.
3. New advertisers may be requested to supply acceptable credit references or security with order.

Rates, Discounts and Packages:

1. Frequency discounts are based on cumulative advertising units run within a 12-month period.
2. Advertisers who fail to fulfill their advertising contract will have frequency discount to the frequency discount earned based on the cumulative advertising units actually run and therefore prorated.
3. Ad rates are in net dollars and assume advertiser supplies final creative.