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We are HUM@Nmedia, a digital-first international media company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We take pride in caring about wellness and helping others live their best lives. Our passion is delivering inspirational and meaningful content using our websites, social media channels, digital editions and more.

We launched our first website back in 2007 – www.optimyz.com – and from there, the journey began. We have grown our audience organically over the last many years!

No, we aren’t Google or Facebook, but we reach real humans who buy real things. Most of all, we care. We hang our hat on engagement with consumers and not on mind-blowing numbers.

We leverage analytics to understand our audience and deliver meaningful content. We deliver high-quality content for our audience without the programmatic advertising clutter – we like to call it non-GMO content that’s organic! We practice data journalism to develop the content our audience is looking for. We
don’t use programmatic advertising, which means brand safety for you and a safe online space for our audience.

Please contact us for more information on marketing and or advertising opportunities with any platform.